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While kitesurfing, I sustained a traumatic brain injury. Weeks after suffering searing pain, visual distortions and extreme fatigue, I found myself drawn to oil paintings. The practice of painting soothed my headaches and brought some relief. Thousands of hours later, I have developed a style that is intended to provide the same sense of escape for viewers.

These large scale paintings depict imagined lost islands, far off mountains, and the endless changing sea and skyscapes that I love. They provide a radical act of escapism: a return to nature. 


I want to create art that allows for contemplation of the environment around us, rather than just an abstraction of color, form or meaning. I want to force people to engage in quiet moments in the world but particularly those moments of possibility: an emerging sunrise, a disappearing sunset, the sunlight breaking through the horizon after a storm. 

I just want to give you something to fall into, a place to let your imagination run wild, some place that feels like there is magic you can almost touch.


I believe that if we stop for long enough to see the world around us, we will find it a place filled with magical possibilities, potential and moments of unfettered joy. That's what's exciting. That's what's possible. When I make paintings, I unleash all of that.

Kristina Libby has a B.A. from Dalhousie University and a M.A. from the University of Denver. A self-taught artist she currently resides in NYC where she is also a writer and technology executive. You can find more about her work outside the art world here.

Art can be purchased here and here  or by contacting me directly.

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  • “To give joy when there is pain is an act of opposition but in the best possible way” - Cynthia Erivo 

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